Toni Sless is a security professional, specialising in fraud and operational risk, incident management and physical security. For over 15 years Toni has worked with large financial institutions to help them identify and prevent fraud, manage their operational risk and physical security. Toni is also the founder and Chairwoman of the Fraud Women’s Network, which was launched in March 2007, listed as one of the Awesome 100 Networks and shortlisted as Inter-Sector Network of the Year by Inclusive Networks.

As well as managing major fraud incidents to ensure minimal business losses and developing fraud prevention products and tools from scratch, Toni has also trained hundreds of fraud, security, risk and business managers including a National Security Team and EMEA sales team on fraud vulnerabilities, insider threat, identity crime, due diligence and security skills. Her extensive book of contacts stretches to high profile individuals from law enforcement agencies, regulators, and industry experts across financial services, insurance and telecoms businesses, physical security sector, law firms, forensic accountants and investigators.

In her spare time, Toni coaches and mentors many women in various disciplines and continues to drive the Fraud Women’s Network to support women working in the arena.

Toni has won several awards during her career including: Management Award at GE Money for creating a Global Case Management System, the Leader Spirit Award at Bank of America for the Fraud Women’s Network and nominated for the Women in Security Award by Post Office Limited.