Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Are your employees aware of the threats posed by fraudsters either targeting your business or individuals personally? If not, they should be! Having designed, developed and delivered training packages to diverse cross sector work forces including national security teams, financial industry teams, sales teams and global fraud teams, Into Consultancy can provide fraud awareness and security training packages to suit your business needs. The following are just a few examples of training developed and delivered. Into Consultancy can provide something similar or tailor a bespoke package:

  • Employee fraud awareness and the 'insider threat' including highlighting potential red flags
  • Identity theft and fraud awareness training programmes for internal and external clients
  • Workshops identifying core weaknesses, vulnerabilities and barriers faced in both the remote banking and face to face channels
  • Security skills workshops
  • Development centres
  • Training of Sales Teams to enhance their knowledge and expertise on fraud prevention and mitigations
  • Fraud awareness training ensuring awareness of the Fraud Act and its implications
  • Training and support to users of global incident and case management system including comprehensive user manuals and detailed process maps
  • Fraud awareness training and training needs analysis matrix incorporating fraud threats and trends, root cause analysis
  • Live exercises to test responses to critical threats to ensure robust processes in place to mitigate against threat to life
  • Strategic management of critical threat incidents and escalation processes, training and reporting
Into Consultancy also mentors women from a variety of industry sectors and would be delighted to extend this offering to your employees.