"I have had the pleasure of working with Toni as Chair of the Fraud Women’s Network since its inception in 2004. She is at all times a consummate professional, passionately committed to making the Network a success and with attention to detail in delivery. I have also worked with Toni professionally and she brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to everything she does."

Katy Worobec, Director of Fraud Control at Financial Fraud Action UK

"Toni and I have worked together now for the past 3 years on projects regarding personal safety systems within Post Office personnel. I can say without hesitation that Toni is a true professional, a very demanding straight talking extremely personable individual who I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending to provide a range of professional services addressing the many issues surrounding security, operational risk and large project management. She makes things happen."

Chris Nyland, International Marketing & Special Projects Director, Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd

"I've been working with Toni for many years now both as a colleague and through my work at the Fraud Women's Network. Toni is truly exceptional at what she does and very passionate about fraud prevention and security. An extremely diligent individual, Toni works tirelessly, especially pro-bono at the Fraud Women's Network, where she has been a huge driving force to get the network to its very well respected status today. Toni is an inspiration to many women in the field and has helped mentor and organise many events to help women who are looking to succeed in this area. Bringing Toni into your business would be the best decision you've made!"

Michelle Parkes, Director, Parkes Marketing

"I first met Toni on 24th February 2016 when she was invited to speak on one of my courses I was running for the City of London Police. Toni was asked to talk about her life and journey, personally and professionally. I have been running these female development courses since 2008 in USA, Africa and Europe and I can honestly say that Toni was one of the most inspirational and honest speakers I have listened to. Her insightful views and professional knowledge were refreshing and showed a humility so often missing from today’s leaders. I know that a number of delegates have approached her to be a professional mentor, a role she would no doubt be excellent at. I very much hope that I get to work with Toni again soon and I would have no question about recommending her work"

Diane Lowe